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Bra Cup for Women Underwear

  • Shanghai, China

  • 1000pair/Day

  • L/C, T/T, D/P

  • lei004

  • A Cup

  • Solid

  • Yarn Dyed

  • Available

  • XPP

  • 100pair/Bag

  • SGS

  • Zhejiang, China

  • 6212101000

  • Traditional

  • Polyester

  • Sexy, Push Up

  • Bra Cup

  • Backless

  • Wire Free

Product Description

Bra Cup for Women Underwear

Bra cup

1) Materials: Fabric, 100% sponge, soft and hard sponge are available
2) Sizes: As your request
3) Colors: Beige, white, black and other special color
It is very soft, comfortable and thoughtful, Good breathing and touch feel, Comfortable for girls and ladies, customers sample and design are welcome.

Bra Cup Styles
There are a variety of bra cup styles. Here is a list along with a description.

  • Contour Cups - Contour cups are lined with a thin layer of foam for modesty. They are usually seamless, but can also have seams.

  • Cut & Sew Cups - This is another term for cups with seams. They are many times also called 3-part cups and 4-part cups. Cut & sew cups are the most supportive cups. The more seams, the more supportive a cut & sew cup becomes.

  • Demi Cups - A demi cup provides less upper breast coverage. Also called a half cup, this cup style is designed to expose to upper half of your breast, and usually comes with wide-set bra straps.

  • Full Cups - These cups are designed to cover all or most of each breast.

  • Minimizer Cups - Minimizer cups reduce the projection of your breasts, so these cups are more shallow and wider than average bra cups.

  • Molded Cups - Any bra cup that has built-in breast shape formed from a molding machine. Molded cups are usually seamless and unlined.

  • Multi-Part Cups - This is another name for cut & sew cups. A multi-part cup means there are several fabric pieces used to create each cup. Most lace cups are multi-part. And, multi-part cups are always the most supportive bra cups.

    • 2-Part Cup Bras

    • 3-Part Cup Bras

    • 4-Part Cup Bras

    • 5-Part Cup Bras

  • Padded Cups - A bra cup with padding included.

  • Petite Cups - A bra designed for a woman with a short and/or petite build. The cups will be paired down and sewn closer together. Many pre-teen bras are made with petite cups.

  • Push-up Cups - The bottom of the cup has padding to push your breasts up to give them a fuller look.

  • Seamless Cups - A bra cup without any seams. This style of cup almost always has a breast shape pre-determined by a molding machine. A seamless cup can also be a contour cup where it is lined with a thin layer of foam for modesty. A seamless cup can be rigid or stretchy.

  • Soft Cups - This is another name for cups without underwires. Other names for this type of cup are wire-free cups and wireless cups.

  • Support Sling/Panel Cups - An internal piece of stiff support fabric sewn inside the cup or incorporated into the design of the cups. A support sling is kind of like a hammock sewn in along the bottom and sides of the cups to give additional support to the breasts. A support panel is generally a vertical panel placed along the arm edge of the bra cup. It helps push the breast tissue under ones arms forward for a more flattering and thinning look. There are also support panels that totally encircle the edges of your bra cups. These panels create clear breast definition and move your breast tissue in a forward position.

Bra size


Normal bra size A65.70.75.80.B65.for A cup

1.Self-adhesive silicon bra

2.Comfortable will not cause skin allergy

3.No bra-strap nor back- buckle, and no trace

4.Body-fitted design, natural invisibility

5.Reusable easy-washing, just water with soap

6.Seamless and invisible


Normal bra size B70,75,80C65, for B cup


normal bra size C70,75,80,D65)for C cup


Normal bra size D70.75.80.85.F65,for D cup

we are specialized in supply of the accessories for underwear. Our production includes the Shoulder Straps, the Oil Bra Pads,hook and eye tape, ring and slider ,bra buckle etc.

We are high reputed for good quality, reasonable price and excellent service by clients from home and abroad.

If you want more detailed information of this product or related problems, please contact with us, we will reply as soon as possible (general in 24 hours).

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