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Baby Hook of Hook and Loop Tape for Baby

  • Shanghai, China
  • 5000metre/Week
  • T/T
  • Baby01
  • Color Matching
  • Non Spring
  • Stock
  • Any Size
  • XPP
  • 30metres/Roll
  • SGS
  • Zhejiang, China
  • 5806109030
  • Nylon
  • Hook
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Belt, Garment, Bag, Bra, Shoe, Suspenders, Cap
  • Fashion
  • Adjustable

Product Description

Baby Hook of Hook and Loop Tape for Baby

Soft&flexible fasteners are soft to the touch and pliable. These fasteners answer the demand for a "softer touch" closure. Ideal for infant clothing,light-weight fabrics,costumes,diapers and more place.

Types of Hook & Loop:
Standard hook and loop
Cable tie
Coins and cuts Hook & Loop
Union Hook & Loop tape
Adhesive hook and loop
Fire retardant hook and loop
Molded hook
Unnapped Loop
Yellowing Resistant Hook & Loop
Hair Curler

STANDARD The fastener combines two sides:hook side and loop side,Applied with button,zipper,binder and son on,it is ideal for use in the following applications:outdoor gear,medical,clothing ,footwear,packing,etc Hair curler it can be manufactured different types of self-gripping stykers hair rollers.
Unnapped Loop A special texturized arn is used to insure goods spacing of the filaments and enable a constant height of the loops,good combination of appearance and long duration. Self Adhesive These adhesive tapes are easy to use,Simply remove the protective release paper and apply the tape to a smooth,clearn surface,specific performance characteristics for different adhesive requirements,which can be used indoors and out,securing items such as large pictures, torches,rugs and tools etc.
Soft Hook Soft and flexible faseners are soft to the touch and pliable,these fasteners answer the demand for a "softer touch"closure,Ideal for infant clothing,light-weight fabrics,costumes and more. Union Tape A tape made of both hook and loop on a single surface.
High frequency/ultrasonic Hook & Loop tape High frequency coating(dielecric)enables high frequency welding of the tapes to "PVC.HF coating is also activated by ultrasonic for applying to some plastic and non-woven materials ,Used in fields can not be sewn on ,such as rain gear,water sports goods and so on. Cuts and Shapes Die cuts,kiss cuts, coins and pieces are available in all widths of tape with standard backing or adhesive backing.Rules: round, square, triangle, rectangular, size according to customers' requirements.
Fire Retardant Our tapes can be made flame retardant by special treatment ,they meet FAR 25853(B) specifications Black to back Back to back tape is made of hook and loop tape glued back to back which allows quick cinching
Yellowing Resistant These hook and loop be made with yellowing resistant treatment,also with goods strength and durability ,recommended for usage in footwear. Straps and Fabrications The fastener combined with other materials such as PP belt,etc can be manufactured to wristlet,skiing belt etc.Through special process,loop side can be combined with trade mark,picutres,and letters etc,back side can be stamped with whatever customers require.

Product features

1, resistant to high temperature washing, yellowing resistance, resistant to sunlight.
2, stable quality, uniform brush, not easy broken wires, transverse tensile firmly closed.
3, hook neat surface, cut fixed hook Angle, make the hook bite probability increase, MAO sticky guaranteed.
4, product is good, late hook MAO bite up to ten thousand times more.
5, the product USES the environmental protection raw material production,Oekotex100 textiles environmental protection certification.
AZO Free, AZO Free, does not contain heavy metals. Through

Physical properties
Nylon fastening belt
Heat melting point: 215 ºC, 93 ºC to 56.7 ºC can last 1000 hours.
Cold tolerance - 20 ºC can still be used, the more the strength of low temperature tension, but lower durability.
Resistance to water in the water to keep 50% of the tension, after drying can be fully recovered.

Color fastness test
Testing method test standard level
AATCC - friction fastness in dyeing fastness TEST METHOD 3.5 + 8-1981
The fastness to washing AATCC - 61-1980-11 - a + 3.5

12.5MM 25MTS/ROLL 40ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
16MM 25MTS/ROLL 30ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
20MM 25MTS/ROLL 24ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
25MM 25MTS/ROLL 20ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
30MM 25MTS/ROLL 16ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
38MM 25MTS/ROLL 12ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
50MM 25MTS/ROLL 10ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
100MM 25MTS/ROLL 5ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM
110MM 25MTS/ROLL 5ROLL/CTN 52x26x57MM

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